Sectors of Specialty:

images/dot-1.png Insurance Law / Insurance Inspection Services Sharhabeel Al-Zaeem
images/dot-1.png Banking Law / International Banking Services
images/dot-1.png Energy / Power and Electricity Legal Services
images/dot-1.png Telecommunication Law and Services
images/dot-1.png      Corporate Transactions and Security Regulation

Sharhabeel Al-Zaeem
images/dot-1.png Transportation
images/dot-1.png Environmental Health and Safety
images/dot-1.png NGO’s and INGO’s Legal Services
images/dot-1.png Economic Regulation and Legislation
images/dot-1.png Commercial Agencies and Franchising




Legal Areas of Specialty:

images/dot-1.png Taxation Sharhabeel Al-Zaeem
images/dot-1.png Privatization Services
images/dot-1.png Property Law
images/dot-1.png Labor Law
images/dot-1.png Bankruptcy
images/dot-1.png Alternative Dispute Resolution
images/dot-1.png Litigation
Sharhabeel Al-Zaeem images/dot-1.png Companies Law
images/dot-1.png Intellectual Property /Market Inspection Services
images/dot-1.png Trademark, Copyright, and Patent Law
images/dot-1.png Landlord/Tenant Law
images/dot-1.png Trade Law
images/dot-1.png Financial Services