Al Zaeem & Associates is the largest commercial law firm in Palestine.  The firm is based in the Gaza Strip, with a strong presence and affiliations in the West Bank, the Middle East, and internationally. Since its  inception in 1987, the firm's portfolio and resources have grown to exceed any of its rival firms in its area of operation.  This successful growth can be clearly seen through the clients’ portfolios which, proudly, include all main investment corners in Palestine.


Our firm offers a wide range of bilingual (Arabic and English) legal services across multiple sectors of commercial law including, property law, banking law, corporate law, intellectual property law (trademarks, copyrights, patents), and trade law. The firm undertakes a mission to provide superior, accurate and professional legal services of an international standard, in order to deliver full client satisfaction.  Al Zaeem & Associates has extensive experience in providing legal consulting services that are tailored to our clients' needs, as well as to the local trends and environment. This has allowed us to build a high profile reputation based on the individual and collective strengths of our attorneys, each of whom leads a specialized team of legal advisors. This "departmental" approach allows the firm to offer more specialized services, with a sub-specialized team that is aware of the necessary details that are more important to clients' interests.



Al Zaeem & Associates has a long-standing reputation with respect to litigation. Clients are served well in court, whilst the firm remains sensitive to their needs to resolve claims in an expeditious and cost effective manner.  The rapid changes in the local environment in Palestine have not only added strong value in the firm for legal proceedings, but also installed a high degree of flexibility to achieve clients’ lawful benefits.


Al Zaeem & Associates offers a straightforward, professional service. The service delivery is laid out to clients based on both main sectors of specialty and/or needed direct legal service.  The firm is able to understand the client needs, develop a direct service outline and offer a flexible justified compensation scheme, for each case.  The success of the firm has largely been a result of its customer centric approach when dealing with clients. Therefore, the firm has developed its service delivery mechanisms to best fit this approach.  This includes location, specialization, specialized administrative support, direct interaction, corporate culture, language skills, networks, and other client needs.